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Snook, Inc. was established on November 1, 1976.  Prior to that date, it was a small rubber department belonging to another company.  The department was about to be terminated, so Robert Snook, a ten-year employee as an engineer and divisional manager, purchased the department and moved it to its current location in Grand Haven, Michigan.

At that time, Snook specialized in the manufacturing of silicone and neoprene, reinforced fabric, thin wall duct. They also manufactured molded neoprene rollers and other small rubber parts.

A short time after the new company was established, they expanded into the manufacturing of other duct and hoses for various uses such as ... 

  • Two ply silicone fiberglass duct insulated with fiberglass or sponge rubber for the environmental chamber industry
  • Four ply silicone fiberglass exhaust hose with a scuff ring for testing exhaust emissions from automobiles and trucks
  • A heavy silicone polyester landfill methane gas hose used as a flexible coupling to PVC pipe for landfill methane recovery

In the past 23 years, Snook, Inc. has built many different types of duct, hose, and connectors.  In the future, Snook will continue to move in a highly technological direction to meet the challenges that will be brought by conveying hot and cold air, various types of gases, and dust from one source to another. 

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